#361 Discover why Killer Food Plots Produce – Nick Percy

Discover why Killer Food Plots Produce – Nick Percy

Killer Food Plots

Nick Percy


  • Why 365 nutrition is important
  • Discover the secret of Water
  • Why Minerals need to be available all year round
  • Do you know the health of your deer herd?

“You Reap What You Sow” are words to live by, shortcuts are not allowed. If you are ready to improve the overall quality of your land and the health of the wildlife on it, Killer Food Plots has the experience and knowledge to make your vision come to life!


From our spring to our fall food plot blends, we provide the products that you, the landowner/hunter, will find optimal and highly desired by your whitetail herd. Food plots are more than just for harvesting whitetails over, they are to increase the quality of your whitetails through maximizing protein and nutrition provided from the premier Killer Food Plots seed blends.

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