#431 Warriors Never Give Up – Brett Bastian

Brett Bastian

Warriors never Give Up

Warriors Never Give Up

Warriors Never Give Up

Brett Bastian shares how Warriors Never Give Up began by utilizing our passion for the outdoors to serve our nation’s heroes, but God called us to step out of our comfort zone to do so much more.

Our intention of this organization and its outdoor adventures is and always has been to provide a place of relaxation, hope, family, and a break from life’s daily struggles. However, along the journey, we soon realized that a bigger piece of God’s intention was missing.

Throughout the transformation of this awesome and amazing journey, it became obvious that God’s calling was not only providing a place of mental and physical healing, but also a place of spiritual healing.
We take pride in our mission of touching the lives of each volunteer or participant knowing that our chief sponsor, God, is in control.

The hunt brings us together, but the Spirit changes the lives of our participants when we least expect it. We are dedicated to changing the lives of our nations heroes one outdoor adventure at a time.

Brett Bastian

Brett Bastian

https://www.facebook.com/warriorsNGU WarriorsNeverGiveUp.org

Warriors Never Give Up’s (WNGU) mission is the inspiration behind the creation of the Warriors Arrow. The creation took place in the basement of Hunts End Outdoors Archery shop this winter following a conversation between Dustin Sperlich and Brett Bastian. Dustin is a combat veteran, Pastor, avid outdoorsman, and the owner of Hunts End Outdoors and Brett is a veteran, avid outdoorsman, and a co-founder of WNGU. The two share a common bond for the outdoors, bow hunting, and both feel that the outdoors holds a natural affinity for healing. “When Brett told me about Warriors Never Give Up, I immediately thought, ‘How can I get involved?’ which stirred the idea of the Warriors Arrow”.


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