#432 Trophy Whitetails R’US – Dillan Porter

Dillon Porter

Dillon Porter

Steve Porter

Dillan Porter – I am a 23 year old hunting enthusiast and guide, ranch manager for Steve Porters Trophy Whitetail, I collect and sell one of the freshest doe Urine on the market, I am the producer of the MN Monster Buck Classic, and a Whitetail Expert.

Steve Porter’s Trophy Whitetail is a family run business that was founded in 1992.

The farm is located in rural Lake Bronson, MN. Today the farm has diversified into several unique areas, which includes selling breedstock with superior genetics, a LIVE trophy whitetail buck display, a fresh frozen doe urine product, and a hunting preserve which offers world class hunts at an affordable price. Steve and his family are proud to serve all of their customers with honesty and integrity. http://www.porterwhitetail.com/index.htm



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