#434 Hunting Whitetails – Blake Alma

Blake Alma

Blake Alma

Blake Alma

The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show

Blake Alma…

Once I found out it was real, I freaked out. I accepted their offer and established The Outdoorsman’s Art Media which was my blog, my articles, and my radio show. I named the show after my media group, The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show.

It was a dream come true.

Today, I continue pursuing the wonder of the outdoors; having many opportunities to talk to several outdoor celebrities, writing for magazines, being interviewed often, and just growing my own outdoor work. As of recently, I have been asked to be the Editor-in-Chief at Survivalist Daily and, of course, I accepted the opportunity.

Soon, I will also be producing and hosting a daily survival podcast for Survivalist.com.

Someone once told me I was lucky, but you know, luck is only when hard work meets opportunity. Simply, anyone could have done what I have done. They would just have to spend the time to do it and get their priorities straight. As a 16-year-old, I have tons of time to waste, but I decided that I would not waste my teenage years playing videos games or scrolling through my social media all day.

I knew that if I started young, it would benefit me for the future. I only wish that every child had the same passion and zeal toward the outdoors as I do, but modern technology has stood in the way of the Master’s creation.

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