#430 Red Oak Hunting Unleashed – Bradley Boatman

bradley boatman

Bradley Boatman

Bradley Boatman tells…There a little bow red oak hunting got started… one thing we want people to see is I grew up and learned to hunt before the scores era when deer hunting was not a job like people try make it today.

We try show people that hard working every day person can be successful hunting working 60-70 hrs. a week do we kill monsters no do we kill decent to good bucks yes do we take doe yep we do… we work at it find ways to see deer and love every minute of it!

I tell people my public land and private land way of hunting might not kill you a pope young but you will see and kill deer isn’t that what our old timers teach us it’s about…

we harp about mineral stations running cameras and watching walking and putting in the time deer move as the season progresses we try to show people that things can work and that hunting isn’t about inches and size it’s about providing and taking the lessons and gifts the good lord gives…

a old great buck killer once told me Son if that heart starts throbbing you better kill it that’s what your after that feeling that you get as a young hunter that never goes away we live by those works

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