#456 The heart of a hunter lives inside Sarah Eglseder

The true hunter knows that the harvest is the smallest part, the big part is the heart and soul and time you put into it.

Heart of a hunter

Heart of a Hunter

I’m Sarah Ann Eglseder and I’m from Northeast Iowa. I am a MLT at a local hospital and an EMT/paramedic student for my hometown service.

My archery turkey tag went unfilled with a miss at 25 yards. Archery deer season 2015 started out slow. I paused for a day to try for my muzzleloader tag and bagged my first buck at 15 yards.

I resumed archery to have a shot at a doe, complete pass thru but it was snowing and dark so we couldn’t recover her even after a search the next morning. That left me heartbroken.
But I also know it happens.

However, I was able to have some redemption on January 9th of 2016 tagging my first archery harvest with a beautiful doe at 15 yards. She tested my patience as she was facing me for almost the whole time until she turned broad side. What an amazing rush. Since then I have doubled again with my dad turkey hunting and shot another doe with my bow.

This past January I started working out at the gym before work three days a week to try to increase my strength and endurance. I suffer from chronic pain and working out ensures that I maintain my strength. I only represent products I truly believe in.
I am a proud Pro Staffer for Busted Arrow, Dirt Nap Gear, Steady Form, and Cypress Bottom Game Calls, and a proud Field Team Member at Precision Peeps. I am a brand champion for ReelGirlsCamo.

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