#465 PRYM1- Extraordinary Camo created by Stacie Walker

Prym1 was created by a wildlife artist who understands depth, colors, shadows and highlights seen in nature, utilizing organic shapes found in predators’ coats to design a hybrid camouflage pattern that takes versatility to an entirely new level of concealment.

Not only will Prym1 conceal your outline and movement in all terrains, but will effectively blend in creating a false depth perception from your prey allowing you to be closer than you appear and therefore a more effective predator! https://www.prym1camo.com/

After years of being a professional wildlife artist as well as an avid hunter, my job has been to study the specific patterns and textures of animals in nature and to mimic them in my art.

Years of this study led me to develop Prym1 camo, which uses the colors and textures of nature with the organic patterns of wildlife to create a camo with the effectiveness of a predator. Stacie Walker

The hunter does not always stay stationary. A hunter moves across diverse terrains, and through changing backgrounds of foliage, which is often influenced by light and shadows. Let’s face it trees and brush do not move, and they stand out as solid objects from a distance.

Traditional “sticks and leaves” camouflage will often fail because they tend to become solid forms and “Black Out”, therefore revealing the shape of the hunter which eliminates the purpose of the stalk. Digital, static, and hard line shape blurred camo works good at distance for outline break up in various terrains, but is not effective as distance is closed as it lacks depth, highlights, and shadowing.

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