#470 Portland Outdoors makes scents – Wes Sherouse

 Wes Sherouse help start the company with a couple guys with a passion for the outdoors and has evolved into a year-round company with 4 products.

1. Top Secret Deer Scents —oxygen free from collection to bottle
2. Scent Defense
3. Bio shield— all-natural bug repellent
4. Fog zero— an all in one anti fog device for optics

BioShield is a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients and therefore 100% safe to use on skin and clothing. BioShield has a pleasant citrus smell unlike most insect repellents. BioShield is safe to use on infants, children, pets, horses, cows, any mammal effected by insects.

Don Bell, inventor of Code Blue®* Deer Scents and the hunting industry’s foremost scent specialist, introduces his newest deer scents; Top Secret® and Red-Light District™. Top Secret® is “Oxygen Free…from collection to bottle”.

This means the urine is oxygen free sitting on the shelf of your favorite retailer.

The urine is oxygen free and ready for the hunter to open the bottle and use. In addition to this patent pending revolutionary collection process, Don has introduced a patent pending Scent Saver System.

This is a system you can take to the woods while hunting and allows you to remove oxygen.

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  1. Jimmy on March 1, 2018 at 11:01 AM

    Outstanding information on Deer Scents

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