#489 Petersen’s Bowhunting – Christian Berg

Petersen’s Bowhunting Magazine with editor Christian Berg…

From covering the hunting and fishing scene in the Leigh Valley, to covering the world of archery for bowhunters across the nation, Christian Berg’s outdoors career has really taken flight over the past decade.

The outdoors writer for The Morning Call from 2002-’08, Berg is now the editor for Petersen’s Bowhunting magazine — a position that takes him near and far while covering the sport of archery hunting for bow and arrow enthusiasts from coast to coast.

“Whitetail hunting is the heart and soul of my bowhunting,”

“Whitetail hunting is the heart and soul of my bowhunting,” Berg says. “Whitetails are the animal that sparked my passion for bowhunting and they’re still my favorite thing to hunt. [It has been a thrill] just having a chance to hunt whitetails all across America; to see the different kinds of habitat they inhabit, all the way from Florida to the Pacific Northwest, and of course, the classic Midwestern rut hunts.

“I’ve [even] been up to the bow zone outside of Edmonton, Alberta to hunt giant whitetails up there. It is cold, cold, cold up there in late November — like minus 20, minus 30. I can’t even tell you it’s a lot of fun to wait on stand in those conditions, but when you see a giant buck up there it is really amazing.”


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