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Your Guns Guns Guns

Ace Luciano…”And I have to tell you, Bruce, I, right now today, am as concerned as I have ever been. I’m gonna read you some headlines. This is today’s headline. I’m very dialed in on the news, Second Amendment news and such right.

So, one in five Americans want the Second Amendment to be repealed. Retired Justice Stevens argues for repeal of Second Amendment. Supporting both Second Amendment rights and “sensible gun control,” gun rights advocate rallies part of the liberal plan to weaken the Second Amendment.

Can the Second Amendment be changed? A former Supreme Court Justice, you know, weighs in. The courts say, “The Parkland kid’s agenda is largely compatible with the Second Amendment.” Well, I have to tell you that headlines like that could scare every single person that hunts deer with a gun. It should scare every person that owns a gun, whether that’s for hunting, or recreational shooting, or personal protection, or anything, this is, right now today, one of the biggest assault we have ever seen on the Second Amendment.

And they are throwing children up as the head of the attack on the Second Amendment. And, Bruce, I have to tell you, I can’t help but look back in history, and there was another attack on firearms rights many, many years ago, in the ’40s, that also involved a lot of children. And you might recognize the name Adolf Hitler, right?”

Ace’s transcription will be available at a later date at http://www.aceluciano.com/

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