# 497 From Ground Up Part 3 Rackology


Plan for success before going to work and investing your money into your land is a must.


Jason Obermiller
Eric Fitzgerald

So, you know, with that, that kind of breaks down into three parts. We’re gonna give them the ideas, the information, the…potentially, the Rackology products. But it boils down to, are they gonna be the ones that does all the work? Are they gonna need to have help with it? Are they gonna be somebody that requires help from some outside sources, or are they gonna be the type of client that’s gonna totally need the whole thing done for them? There’s examples of why those would be, you know…

Probably the majority of the people that we’ll be talking about here are the “they will do it”. Most of our customers, they wanna do it themselves because it goes back to the first segment, we talked about the “why”, and a lot of times the why is if you do it yourself, you have a huge sense of accomplishment, and a huge sense of reward. It don’t matter if you go out and kill a doe or a monster buck, you did this, you did all this. So the majority of the clients are gonna be somewhere in that realm. You know, there’s some that are gonna need a little help.

It might be, at the very least, they have to go out and rent equipment because, you know, they don’t have any equipment. But they can probably do a lot of this stuff, but they need help. Like, “Where do I get this? Where do I get that?”

Eric: Or, it could be a land owner that doesn’t live on the premises, or doesn’t even live close by, that needs us to line something up if they can’t.

Jason: And then, at the far end of the spectrum is your land owners, land managers, that…

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