#518 Deer Hunting – Redneck Blinds – TJ Pugh

Deer Hunting - Redneck Blinds - TJ Pugh

TJ Pugh

We’re heading to the home of Redneck Blinds https://redneckblinds.com  Deer Hunting – Redneck Blinds – TJ Pugh and we’re going to talk with TJ Pugh. TJ is the Chief Marketing Director  for Redneck Blinds and TJ, in the warm-up we’ve been talking about a lot of things, folks, so take some notes.

And some of the things we’re going to talk about you’re going to maybe question or say, “I don’t know if I would do that.” Well, listen to the whole thing on an open mind, with an open wind, because things are changing in the whitetail woods about the ability to do all-day sits, the ability to have kids in stands, the ability to have veterans in stands or people like myself that got some screws in their body. And we’ll share a story about one of my friends at KO Farms that he can’t sit outside below zero, and now he can. So, TJ, welcome to the show.

Thanks, Bruce. Thanks for having us. We appreciate you inviting on the show and we look forward to talking hunting and I hope your guests enjoy it.

Well, I love talking hunting, but I want to stay right where we were. And, you know, I’ve got some pieces in my body that don’t belong there, and my friend Kenny Olson at KO Farms definitely has. And he bought some of your blinds and now he can stay below zero, Wisconsin, gun season, and he can sit out all day in perfect comfort. Why? Because he has a propane tank into a furnace on a thermostat and he keeps it right around 40 degrees. And let’s talk about the ability of your blinds and other companies’ blinds that allow people to have…to be comfortable yet still hunting. Let’s talk about that.

 Yeah, yeah. Kind of like what you mentioned, it hit the nail on the head. The hunting rule has kind of changed and the blinds are becoming more and more popular every day. And just for that reason, because they allow older gentlemen and also, on the opposite end of the scale, younger kids to be introduced into hunting and to let them hunt longer. Like your friend there, if it wasn’t for our blinds, you know, he wouldn’t be able to hunt, or at least not hunt as comfortably as what he is right now, or as long. The blinds let you hunt longer.

Blinds are becoming more and more popular every day.

Like we had mentioned earlier, the younger aspect, we want to introduce kids into hunting as much as possible. And our blinds are great for that. I have a six-year-old daughter who just loves to go out into our Redneck, our Crossover models which have the vertical windows in the corners. We were the first company to do that. I mean now you see them everywhere, but we’re kind of the innovators. And my daughter, when we’re in our six-by-six, the Buck Palace, with those vertical windows, it just…you wouldn’t think about it, but little kids, with your typical four-walled square box blind with horizontal windows, it’s hard for them to see out of those. And with that vertical window basically spanning from the floor all the way to the ceiling, they get the full field of view. They can see everything, take everything in, enjoy it, and it just really, really helps introducing kids to the outdoors.

And like you said, on the other end of the spectrum, your friend who, you know, happens to be a little bit older, had some surgeries, it lets older people enjoy their hunts and be out there much longer. Whereas if he wasn’t in a blind and he was just sitting on the ground or in a tree stand, he may only be able to hunt for an hour, if at all. A lot of the people we talk to, you know, they can’t even get up in a tree stand anymore. So our blinds, with our easy ladders and the handrails and everything that helps you get up there easier, just lets them…it lets them keep enjoying the outdoors. And we’re proud to do that.

We hear the comments, too, you know, “That’s not hunting,” and blah, blah, blah. And we disagree, we think it is. And, I mean, our…the people out there, there’s that crowd, but then there’s also the other end who… I mean our sales say it, that’s why we’re here, because people love our blinds. And, I mean, we’re known to make the good blinds and we’re just going to keep on making them and let people keep on enjoying them.

Yeah, I should have really prepped the show and had Jason Aldean’s riff that he kicked off for you guys. He hunts in your blinds and he had a riff. But, you know, the watchword, you know, today is “get the Redneck advantage.” And what was his, the Cadillac Redneck?

The Cadillac. They all kind of have their own tag line, but Jason’s was “Redneck is the Cadillac of blinds.” Like we mentioned, the one that really started it off, our first big testimonial, was Willie Robertson, and his was “ain’t nothing redneck about Redneck Blinds.” And his dad, Phil, Phil said “Rednecks are the Taj Mahal of blinds.” Yeah, everybody has their own tag line that they like to use and those are some of the more famous ones that are used quite often. But the one we use a lot now is “get the Redneck advantage.” Because we…I mean if you have the Redneck, you have…I mean that’s just kind of a good tongue-in-cheek. You know, it’s a Redneck advantage kind of sums everything up.

“Redneck is the Cadillac of blinds.”

And let’s talk about that advantage. You know, folks, we are going to talk about hunting, but I want to bring this show up because this is part of your preseason, this is the preseason preparation. And that’s why TJ and I are having this conversation and there will be conversations coming from Whitetail Rendezvous June and July about preseason, you know, prep. And it isn’t just, you know, putting in your food plots, it’s going out and making sure your stands are set up, you’re shooting, you got all your gear. I mean there’s a whole mess of things that come into the preseason. But as far as we’re going to stick on the blind situation right now, you know, when you get a Redneck blind, let’s say the tower blind, the Buck Palace Hear what Bill Winke has to say about Redneck Blindas  https://redneckblinds.com/products/buck-palace-360, you know, it takes a while to set up. Or do you have people come up and help them set them up? Talk to me about the whole process, I call you up and order a Redneck Buck Palace.


what happens next?

We don’t offer setup anymore. A lot of our dealers do, it just depends on what deal you get it from. But, yeah, let’s say you just call and order directly from us, we would deliver it, you would be responsible for basically setting it up yourself. And if you’ve never done it before, you can expect to spend an afternoon. It’s not hard, it’s just going to take a while. I mean us who have done it a lot, we can do it in an hour and a half. But for the person that’s never done it before, it will probably take them an afternoon. You can…you know, probably about four, four and a half hours.

But once you get it up, like you were saying, this time of year with everybody getting ready for hunting season, prepping food plots, spraying, and plowing, and all that stuff, now is a good time to go out and check your blind. And with our blind, which I had mentioned to you earlier and I’ll let all the guys out there listening now know, our blinds include a little checklist now, and off-season prep kind of checklist, if you will, that’s on the bottom of the windows, it’s a little window cling. And it basically has like 10, 11, 12 talking points that you want to go and check and make sure that you do during the off-season every single year.

You know, check your hinges, make sure those aren’t squeaking. Check your gaskets around all your windows and doors, make sure those are sealing properly and nothing has chewed on those. With our blinds being fiberglass, nothing is going to chew on the blind itself, rodents and stuff won’t chew on that. But the only thing that they will chew on is that rubber gasket seal around the windows and the doors, so you need to check those. Your vents, make sure those are working properly. Underneath the roof they have an overhang on our blinds, it’s about a two-inch overhang, and sometimes wasps will build nets under those, you need to check for that.

Bill Winke

But now is the time just to go out and kind of kick the dust off your blind and make sure everything is working properly so when the fall comes, it’s ready and good to go. So, yeah, now we’re getting lots of phone calls. And now is actually a good time if you’re interested in getting a blind. Right now is about when our busy season starts. It will go now until basically the first week in November. You’d be surprised of the guys that call and want a blind that day. You know, “My deer season starts next week, I need a blind now and I want it tomorrow.” And they get a little disappointed when we tell them, “Well, we can’t do it that fast.” But now is the time when a lot of guys will be calling to get that blind if they don’t have one. They’ll be setting it up, you know, on the edge of their food plots while they’re working on it this time of year. And now is just basically a good time of year to get ready and plan and get that ready for the fall.

the blind arrives and me and a buddy, you know, we got our tools and, you know, probably sockets and screws. Anything else, any really special tools you need?

Everything is specified in the instruction manual. For the stand it’s all one size nut and bolt, it’s all 7-16ths. So if you have a wrench and a socket 7-16ths, you’ll be good to go. You need to shovel to level it out. A level, if you want to get very specific and make sure that it’s level, but usually you can just kind of eyeball it. But you do want you stand to be level because if you don’t level it, then you’re stair is going to squeak, your ladder when you walk up to get to your platform, it will squeak if you don’t have it level. So you need to make sure you have it level.

But just your basic tool, 7-16th wrench, a hammer, a ladder is good in case you forget to put your strap down, cable, one of your anchoring positions is up in the middle, and a lot of guys forget to do that when it’s on the ground. So a 10-foot ladder is always nice to have. But all of that is specified on the instruction manual. But if you want to go over the steps when it’s dropped off, you don’t have to have equipment. But if you have, like, a tractor with forks or a skid-steer with forks, it will make the job easier. You know, work harder…or work smarter, not harder, that old saying. But it’s not necessary, you can do everything by hand. With a 10-foot stand you and a couple other friends can basically walk the thing up, you can push and pull it up with just three or four guys. You don’t have to have something to pull it up.

And everything is included, the instruction manual comes with it. And when you buy your blind, there’s like a beginner’s packet that is on the door. It includes your warranty card, some instructional how-to literature is on there.

So we try to prepare our customer as much as possible. And when you buy our blinds, our customer service comes with it. Not only are we known for basically top of the line in hunting blinds, but our customer service is also top notch. If you have anything wrong, need anything, have any questions, you call our phone and a person is going to answer here in Lamar, Missouri. You’re not going to get any sort of machine or get the runaround.

A lot of our competitors, you’re lucky if you talk to anybody ever. Typically you’re going to have to leave a message and you’re lucky if someone calls you back. And that’s not the case with us, we take care of our customers. You know, if five years down the road you have a blind and you need some weatherstripping for your window, if you call us we’ll basically just send that out to you. You know, we do our best to take care of our customers, and that comes along with the blind when you buy our blind.

So we like to stay on top and be on top when it comes to that sort of thing. So that all comes with it when you get our blinds.

how many sides are to the…we’re talking about the Buck Palace, how many fiberglass sides do we have to put together?

Yeah, the Buck Palace on the Crossover models, which is the six-by-six Buck Palace, the five-by-six Predator, and our new six-by-seven Big Country, those are all our Crossover blinds. Those are for crossbow, vertical bow, you know, compound bow, and gun hunting. Those are octagon shaped, like a stop sign, it has eight walls. And in the corners it has the vertical windows and on the long side it will have the horizontal windows. So they’re all basically octagon shaped. We do offer a couple other blinds, a five-by-six and a six-by-six…or, excuse me, and a five-by-six and a five-by-five that are basically for gun hunting. They don’t have the vertical windows, they’re your typical square, four-wall, horizontal window box blind.

So with our line of fiberglass blinds, you can get a five-by-five, a couple five-by-sixes, a six-by-six, or a six-by-seven. Those are all the fiberglass blind models we offer and you can get those on any 5, 10, or 15-foot stand.

So you’re 15-foot is up in the air.

Oh yeah, yeah. And when… I mean it’s true. 15-foot is foot where your feet will be. So your eye level if you’re six-foot high, you know, that’s going to be 21 feet up there. A lot of people, when they see our 15-foot stand, they’re like, “Holy cow, that’s where my 20-foot stand is.” And we’re like, “No, your 20-foot stand is at 15 feet.” You know, it’s kind of deceiving when you really see how high 15-foot is, but most people get a 10-foot stand. When you’re hunting in our blinds, you don’t have to be just real super high unless the terrain dictates it. Unless you need to see over the rise of a hill or something like that on a field, you know, most people get a 10-foot stand.

Just for some reference, on the Redneck farms here in Southwest Missouri, out of, I don’t know, 40 or so blinds, there’s probably only about 3 that are on 15-foot stands. The rest of them are all on 10-foot stands. You know, if I’m… I like to bow hunt, I mainly bow hunt. If I’m bow hunting out of a tree stand, I want to be 20, 25 feet up there when I’m in a tree stand. When I’m bow hunting out of our fiberglass blinds, I’m a 10-foot stand. You just don’t have to be so high.


Our blind, it contains your scent, it hides your movement.

Like anything else, you know, the same with hunting out of a tree stand, as long as your entry and exit route is solid and you’re not going to scare a lot of deer or wind deer and alert them to your presence, you don’t need to be super high. A 10-foot blind is going to be plenty high, especially with ours. You know, keep your background solid so you don’t get silhouetted, keep your windows closed unless…you know, except the one you have to shoot out of, and it’s pretty rock solid. As long as you can get in and out without scaring deer, you don’t have to be super high when you’re hunting out of our blinds. And, I mean, we get pictures all the time of customers that…every year that prove it. So, I mean, it’s pretty solid.

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