#520 Deer Hunting -Whitetail Underground – Eli Gesell

 Deer Hunting -Whitetail Underground - Eli Gesell

Eli Gesell

Deer Hunting -Whitetail Underground – Eli Gesell My name Is Eli Gesell, and I am 33 years old. I have a blog called whitetail underground, http://www.whitetailunderground.com/blog

which I have been too busy lately I haven’t been able to write anything, do to my 11 and 14 y/o boys in sports and life in general.

My wife and I grew up on dairy farms in central MN, where we still live. We have both of our parent’s farm to hunt on, plus a couple other private areas, but recently I have been hunting mostly public land.

For the simple reason of the private land we have is not only hunted by us but other family as well, and I wanted to take pressure off those spots. I then fell in love with the challenge of public, and that I have many, many more option to go now.

We plant food plots, hang stands and many other hunting related things together. I got my wife into hunting shortly after we were married. I started the blog after I had been kicking the idea around about trying to film for 5 or 6 years and I had an ice fishing accident with carbon monoxide that almost killed me.

I didn’t want to have the regrets of having never tried doing what I was most passionate about, hunting

After that I didn’t want to have the regrets of having never tried doing what I was most passionate about, hunting. I have always looked at where my wife and I came from and where we are currently… We could have been in a much different spot in life without hard work.

That’s been my motto through the past 10-12 years, nothing comes easy and everything I have has come through just plain hard work. That’s another reason I think that the public land bit has taken me by storm, hard work is something a lot of people my age and younger aren’t willing to do anymore. I don’t want to live with any regrets from this point on as I have from my younger years, and hard work is what will drive that.

I volunteer as our youth Football coach in my home town. I also volunteer as a coach for our high school football team, I have side business that I make custom furniture for, all while maintaining my regular job where I work from 6 am to 430 pm.

With the boys and sports it hasn’t left me much time to write, hunt, and scout as I would like… But in just a couple short years, those 2 and their busy schedules are going to be off on their own.

At that point I’ll have more time, but I will also have a hole in my life that I will greatly miss in chasing those 2 around the countryside.

The outdoor media as a whole has left the normal hunter like us behind

The ultra managed, giant private lands in which most hunting media depicts is not attainable by 99% of us. By writing the blog and sharing videos. I hope to help others become better hone their craft.

Through this I thought I could help others to see and read about the way I approach each and every hunting season. After a brush with death in 2015 I started thinking I didn’t want to ever look back and think “I wish I would have tried” to do something I am so passionate about as a career. The “What If” thought process we go through I didn’t want to haunt me the rest of my life. In the end I started this to document what I have gone through and done to a couple small properties to help my family and I have the best opportunity we can at harvesting deer year in and year out.

I myself hunt primarily public lands, and leave the private ground we have permission on to my wife and kids. We plant food plots, trim shooting lanes, modify our gear to suit our needs, and many other things as a family in the field.

* Habitat improvements, hinge cutting for bedding and screening
* Food plotting- Planting, sight prep, seed selection
* When/Where/Why I choose to hunt
* Scent control or lack there of…
* Stand Prep and modifications
* Trail cam set-ups/tips
* Gear and gadget reviews from products I use and some I have fabricated
* Great venison recipes I have tried from other sources like Hank Shaw and Steven Rinella and some I have come up with on my own

All of the above I plan to go into detail about in later posts along with the gear I choose to use and why I use it. Any trail cam photo posted on here will be 100% guaranteed to be from one of my cameras unless other wise noted. I am not sponsored by anyone so if I give a review of a product it will be an unbiased review.

That said I am a Staff Shooter for Athens Archery. I was not chosen by Athens. After shooting an Athens I contacted them about becoming a staff member for their company.

I wanted to create something for guys that hunt “public’ and small private tracts of land. That doesn’t’ mean guys that have access to a 200-10,000 acre tracts can’t or won’t gain anything from this.

I wanted to create something for guys that hunt “public’ and small private tracts of land

With that said I am not an expert at anything nor will I ever claim to be, but I do have 20 years of bow hunting (and general hunting) failures I have learned from…

We own 10 acres and have permission to hunt on 3 other farms. Two of which the owners own 240 acres. One the farmer still has dairy cattle and the other is a cash crop farmer. The 3rd farm or tract of land that is 100 acres and has about 45 acres of timber.

All the land we have access to has other people that also hunt them too. So they are private land but not land we have to ourselves. Some of the land is managed for mature deer and some isn’t. We do our best to try keep the herds balanced, but with only a couple tags it’s not a goal that is easily accomplished.

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