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Grandpa Ray Outddors

Grandpa Ray Outdoors offers Elite Nutrition Products and Services. Whether it be food plot seed, deer minerals or plant foods, there is expertise in each bag or bottle. Grandpa Ray Outdoors offers hands on services for anyone who buys any of their products. There is also a monthly newsletter and product discount for program members.

This months product of the month is Licor-lIghtning. Licor-Lightning is an unique to the market cover scent. It contains 5 natural flavors and really works well as a masking agent. It comes in a 16 oz bottle that sells for $10. It can be used in a scent dripper, buck cage, on a wick or drip on a branch or along a trail.


HARDY FACEPAINTS to allow you to experience freedom from the facemask without dealing with the common drawbacks of face paint. Our non-greasy, water-based formula is smudge-proof, water and sweat resistant, lightweight, and fast drying. Engineered with FDA approved ingredients, HARDY FACEPAINTS are safe and gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin.

Use the mess-free brush wand for easy application, and then remove just as easily with a moist towel. Try each of the three versatile shades offered in a convenient pocket size. Our scent-free black paint is also ideal for use as athletic eye black.
Key Features:

Scent Free (black & Brown) Non Greasy Smudge-proof  Water & Sweat-resistant Won\'t clog pores Fast drying No messy fingers
Quick on, quick off Won\'t cake or dry out Convenient pocket size
Lightweight: allows skin to breath No itching or irritation even for the most sensitive skin EASY to remove from skin with a moist towel with no residue or skin staining FDA approved ingredients


MyTopo base maps include the United States Geological Survey (USGS) 7.5 maps, Canadian Topographic Maps, US Department of Agriculture Aerial Photography for the US, Digital Globe Satellite Imagery for the US and Canada and our Topo photo maps, which is a USGS topo overlaid on an aerial image. In recent years, MyTopo has added private land ownership information as a map layer option. We also provide our customers with the option to overlay US Forest Service Roads, Public Land Boundaries and Game Management Unit (GMU) boundaries. And, this year, we added the option to add private parcel boundaries and names to our maps.

MyTopo customers can order custom maps using the above options. We also provide the ability to order stock maps, including every USGS quad, Game Management Unit maps in the Western US and public land maps in the rest of the US.


Nelson Creek Outdoors is dedicated to providing our customers with the best outdoor adventures they can have.

Our many years of experience as outdoorsmen, coupled with the proven research and data that goes into all of our hunting and fishing scents and attractants, allows us to bring you items that will enhance and improve your outdoor moments.

We'll help you in your quest for that Big Ol' Buck or help you land that Giant Bass.

Brian is the owner of Nelson Creek Outdoors LLC. He started the company to help others get the most out of the often limited time sportsmen get to spend in the woods.

With his own busy schedule, Brian wanted to have products that could help him connect with good deer even if he was unable to spend as much time preparing as he would like. By designing quality products that attract and hold deer, he greatly increased his success in the field.

Now he shares these products with other busy hunters to help them achieve their hunting goals. Whether it is harvesting a big buck or getting deer in front of a trail camera, Nelson Creek Outdoors is here to help.


Everything you need to build & grow  your own podcast website, with integrated media hosting, 24/7 personal support and a simple drag & drop design interface.

These guys are great!

Adam Lewis creats Sound Barrier

Promo Code: whitetail

The noise we make in the field is a major problem, particularly equipment noise. Science is showing that noises we make, big or small, are hunt-busters and drastically affect our hunting success.

Our “noise footprint” is a large contributor to the dreaded “hunting pressure” whitetail deer feel that quickly contributes to them changing patterns, and the bad feeling we get seeing a great hunting area go flat.

One errant noise, can literally change the outcome of an entire season.

Buck Bumper, and Buck Bumper Thick are the only products on the market designed to silence equipment over 70%. Simply apply to stands, climbing sticks, hooks, buckles, bow arms, bows, and anywhere else contact can be made to create a literal barrier to sound.

Eliminate the chance of mistakes, take your stealth to a new level, and drastically increase your chance of success with Buck Bumper and Buck Bumper Thick. (Also good for bear, elk, predator, and other hunters looking to increase their stealth and silence equipment)

Shop now for a Whitetail Rendezvous only discount, and never be heard again.


Speechpad provides high-quality transcriptions and captions at competitive prices. Our international customer base ranges from Fortune 500 companies to boutique businesses and individuals. Since we began operations in 2008, we have always made customer satisfaction our top priority.

To us, that means:

  • a smooth and easy ordering process
  • multiple options for turnaround time
  • high accuracy transcripts and captions
  • 24/7 customer support
  • consistency and reliability