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548 Less is More – R2K Exposes Deer Hunting – Randy Brewer

We’re heading to Central, sort of Central, Western…we’re heading to Illinois. And we’re going to meet up with the R2K boys now. Kyle Peterson, Kyle Leonhard and Randy Brewer are the guys that make up R2K. Now if you’ve been on social media, you’ve seen them and they’re all…you know, they’ve got channels all over the…

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Extreme Huntress 4 – Finalist Tatiana Orosova

Welcome to a special Extreme Huntress 2019 episode of Whitetail Rendezvous. This is your host, Bruce Hutcheon. I’m heading off to Slovakia and I’m going to be talking with Extreme Huntress 4 – Finalist Tatiana Orosova. I hope I said that right and she is one of the finalists in Extreme Huntress 2019. Tatiana, welcome…

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