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559 Extraordinary Individual – Dave Lucas – Stand4 Outdoors

  We all have something that we are passionate about. These passions are the things that we stand up for. Dave Lucas knows this too well. As the co-founder of Stand4 Outdoors, he shows his passion for hunting and fishing by spreading them the right way to kids, youths, and adults, fostering respect for the…

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558 Extraordinary App – Where 2 Hunt – Eric Clark

  As hunters, most of us have experienced, in one way or another, going to a location especially hunting on public land and finding somebody else beat you to it. Not only is it a waste of effort, but it is also a waste of expectations of finally having to hunt. For some, scouting is…

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555 Big Buck Down – Allen Bullman – Slate Media Studio

we’re heading down to Shelbyville, Kentucky and Allen Bullman, Slate Media Studio. Allen, welcome to the show. Thanks, Bruce. Appreciate you guys having me on. Hey, you got quite a loft there and in the warm-up, we were talking about all the things you do. So why don’t you kind of let the folks know…

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